It has been a long time coming, but Ledger is finally ready to present an alpha version of their Android wallet to the general public. Or to be more precise, the company has opened a page where interested parties can request an invite to test the mobile solution in the coming days. It is important to keep in mind not all of the features Ledger wants to offer are available in this build just yet.

What is included in this alpha version, however, is an Android client that works with all of the existing Ledger hardware solutions. The Ledger NanoLedger Unplugged, and Ledger Blue are all supported, although there might be some tinkering required to get proper communication set up between devices.

Once users have set up their Ledger Android wallet, they will be able to see all of the transaction history that has taken place on their hardware wallet. This makes it easy to look for specific operations without the need for a computer or laptop. Additionally, users will also be able to generate QR codes for receiving payments. Do keep in mind this feature will be working a bit slower than people might expect, but the Ledger team will address this issue in a later version.

Other features include the option to sign transactions – with a 2FA keycard for Nano and Unplugged users – and the introduction of multi-account support. This latter feature will not include a naming option, and no information was revealed as to whether or not such an option will be added in the future.

Some Paired Devices Have Peculiar Needs

Bitcoin.com_Android Ledger OTG Cable

For example, to use the Ledger Nano with this alpha Android wallet, users will need to make use of an OTG adapter. While these adapters are relatively inexpensive these days, it is not something most people will have on hand. Such an adapter is not included when purchasing a Ledger Nano, unfortunately, but OTG adapters can be found in just about any electronics store these days.

The Ledger Unplugged, on the other hand, does not require additional hardware tools to connect to your mobile Android device. However, if your mobile phone does not support NFC capabilities, it will be impossible to pair both devices in this alpha version. Most modern mobile devices support NFC connectivity, but older model owners might have to wait for alternative solutions, or purchase a different Ledger hardware wallet.

Last but not last, there is the Ledger Blue, which is far less cumbersome to set up with this alpha Android wallet release. As this device supports connectivity over both Bluetooth LE and USB, most Ledger Blue owners will have no problem getting things synchronized between both devices when paired.